As a child I collected, hoarded and made beautiful things. I was also adventurous, which soon led to a love of travel. During trips to New York and Switzerland I encountered some of the world's finest gold and silver jewellery, and in Mexico and California I discovered a bounty of amazing gems and stones (I took a suitcase-full home to Ireland and started my first jewellery brand)

By 2002 I had studied silver-smithing in NCAD (National College of Art & design) designed my first collections of Irish handmade jewellery and established my own wholesale business; I have been designing and making ever since.

As passionate about sailing and kite surfing as I am about jewellery, I am now based in one of Europe's kite surfing hot spots, Tarifa in southern Spain. Lifestyle is everything and finding the balance between work and play is an important part of my life. Which benefits my son greatly as we live an outdoor life with the beach, the ocean and nature being a massive part of daily life. Its where I get my inspiration these days. We love beach combing and rock pool fishing together and we find the most unusual sea ceatures and shells. I just love turning these into wearable pieces. Anyone who´s into the ocean or being outdoors will have an affiliation with my pieces I hope! Being active, healthy and doing sports keeps my mind clear and gives me the freedom of expression I need to keep being inspired. I love to make timeless and unique pieces which can be passed down from generation to generation. Jewels to be hoarded, treasured and loved by all who wear them.